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AGliSSe – Accessing Glial Scarring with Microsensors


We develop an implantable, polymer-based platform with electrochemical and electrophysiological sensors to study the probe/tissue interface. Different mechanical flexibility of the probes provokes glial scar formation in deep brain structures of rats. Electrochemical sensors are ideal for the study of the probe/tissue interface as they can measure both tissue and electrode properties in high temporal and spatial resolution. The integrated sensors enable monitoring of glial scar structure, metabolites and biomarkers directly at the site of foreign body response. Suggested sensor parameters are impedance, tissue oxygen concentration and appearance of oxidative species. Impedance quantifies fundamental tissue and metal electrode properties, oxygen tissue mass transport and oxidative species the foreign body reaction. We aim to demonstrate the applicability of electrochemical microsensors as an in vivo online monitoring tool to enhance electrophysiology, imaging and histology techniques.


01.03.2017 bis 31.10.2019


Dr. Jochen Kieninger; Prof. Dr. Gerald Urban


Dr. Andreas Weltin
Telefon:+49 (0) 761 / 203 7263


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