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Cell-Based Microsystems – Dosage and Printing Technology

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Metalldosierung (nl & pl)We are specialized in the generation, measurement, and manipulation of miniscule droplets of liquid that can be applied to almost any substrate without mechanical contact of any kind.

Our interdisciplinary team investigates all aspects of contact-free dosage methods, beginning with specific mechanisms for generating droplets and extending to process development for coating, printing, and rapid prototyping applications and contact-free quantitative characterization of microdroplets and liquid flow by means of integrated and miniaturized measurement technologies.



Areas of application

  • Life science research
  • Measurement technology
  • Microelectronics & solar technology
  • Analytics & diagnostics



  • SRD – Smart Reagent Dosage: Dosage concepts for the application of reagents;
    01 June 2012 – 30 Nov. 2012,
    MicroTEC Südwest
  • PipeJetTip – Pipetting Technology for the next generation of diagnostic products: Cost-effective manufacturing of a new kind of pipette tip with a long tube-shaped area that enables droplet dosage in the nanoliter range; 1 Feb. 2010 – 31 Dec. 2012, MicroTEC Südwest / VDI/VDE-IT
  • MikroMasterPrinter
    01 Feb. 2010 – 31 Jan. 2013, ERANET



  • Björn Gerdes, PhD candidate
  • Fritz Koch, PhD candidate
  • Kevin Tröndle, PhD candidate
  • Stefan Conrad, Master student
  • Tobias Groß, Master student
  • Ahmad Itani, Master student
  • Michael Fechtig, Master student
  • Kerstin Thiemann, Master student
  • Maria Clara Labonia, Master student
  • Ole Thaden, Bachelor studdent
  • Pranshul Sardana, Scientific assistant
  • Zeba Khan, Scientific assistant
  • Joshua Weygant, Scientific assistant



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