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Junior Research Group 'ElectroActive Coatings'

In the ElectroActive Coatings group we work to employ conducting polymers such as PEDOT and PPy for the purpose of developing multifunctional electrodes for neural recording and stimulation. Thanks to these materials sophisticated features, such as controlled delivery, can be implemented with high precision and controllability into a coating thinner than a micron. The devices carrying these coated electrodes can still be ultra-thin and flexible and retain excellent properties for recording and stimulation. Electroactive coatings are powerful for extending the functionalities of existing neuroelectronic research tools without sacrificing their overall performance.



  • Maria Asplund has recieved an ERC Starting Grant for the project SPEEDER. In SPEEDER we will develop an electroactive wound dressing to accelerate the healing of large wounds. Read more here:, press release
  • Maria Asplund to receive funding by Brigitte-Schlieben-Lange-Programm, press release
  • A new paper from the group has been published in Acta Biomaterialia, An interpenetrating, microstructurable and covalently attached conducting polymer hydrogel for neural interfaces.
  • A new paper from the group has been published in Biomaterials in March 2017, press release
  • Two papers have been published in the last quarter of 2016, one in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, one in IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering.





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