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Micro-optics classes and lectures

Please check the table below for the current classes and lectures offered in micro-optics. For information on previous lectures, please use the navigation on the left.

The Gisela and Erwin Sick Chair of Micro-optics offers the following courses in the winter and summer semesters:


Winter semester

Format Responsible
Micro-optics Lecture Zappe
Advanced optics laboratory Laboratory Ataman, Zappe, Buse, Rohrbach
Optics colloquium Seminar Buse, Zappe, Rohrbach





Summer semester

Format Responsible
Advanced topics in micro-optics Lecture Zappe
Optoelectronics Lecture Zappe
Optical MEMS Lecture Ataman
Basic optics laboratory Laboratory Zappe
Optics colloquium Seminar Buse, Zappe, Rohrbach


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