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Thermoelectric Characterization of Single-Crystalline Nanowires


Project description

TIn the framework of phase one of this cluster project an initial design of a Thermoelectric Nanowire Characterization Platform (TNCP) was developed. Different strategies for the controlled assembly and electrical contacting of nanowires on the platform were presented and evaluated by successful measurements of the Seebeck-coefficient of single nanowires. Currently, the project is in the phase two, in which the main focus is on the following: - Optimization of the TNCP design with the goal of building a plug-and-play platform - Establishing a controlled deposition method of nanowires on the platform by means of optical tweezer - Improvement of the ohmic contact on the platform

Start/End of project

01.09.2009 until 15.08.2015

Project manager

Dr. Michael Kröner (Prof. Dr. Peter Woias)

Contact person

Dr. Michael Kröner, S. Hoda Moosavi


SPP 1386


Single crystalline nanowires, Thermoelectric Nanowire Characterization Platform (TNCP), Figure of Merit (ZT), Seebeck Coefficient, Thermal conductivity, Electrical conductivity, optical tweezer Einkristalline Nanodrähte, Charakterisierungsplattform für thermoelektrische Nanodrähte, Gütezahl (ZT), Seebeck Koeffizient, thermische Leitfähigkeit, elektrische Leitfähigkeit, Optische Pinzette
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