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Zerstörungsfreie Teststrategien zur Qualifizierung von Full-Wafer-Bondverbindungen. DFG Schwerpunktprogramm 1159 „Neue Strategien der Mess- und Prüftechnik für die Produktion von Mikrosystemen und Nanostrukturen“


Project description

During the project, different methods for non-destructive testing of full-wafer bonding connections have been developed. The basic working principle of the test method is the pneumatic loading of break points. The resulting crack propagation is observed in the form of interference fringes with infrared lighting. Different arrangements have been implemented and experimentally and theoretically investigated. Continuous, gradual and binary crack propagation structures were developed and tested for their suitability. Figure 1 shows an automated binary test the bond strength.

Start/End of project

01.01.2005 until 31.12.2009

Project manager

Frank Goldschmidtböing (Prof. Dr. Peter Woias)

Contact person

Frank Goldschmidtboeing
Phone:0761 / 203-7496

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