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German Artificial Sphincter System - GASS


Project description

The aim of the project, which had emerged as one of the winners of the national competition "Innovation in medical technology 2003" was to develop the first functional evidence of an innovative sphincter replacement system. The heart of this system is a micropump, which controls a hydraulic prosthesis. During the project the performance of the micropump in terms of flow ratee and producible backpressure could be increased considerably (see Figure). Finally, a maximum flow rate of 4.3 ml / min could be achieved. The prosthesis was successfully tested in a biosimulator.

Start/End of project

01.01.2004 until 31.12.2006

Project manager

Frank Goldschmidtboeing (Prof. Dr. Peter Woias)

Contact person

Frank Goldschmidtboeing
Phone:0761 / 203-7496


Prof. Dr. Richter-Schrag, Universitätsklinikum Freiburg
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