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MaKoS - Manipulation und Kontrolle von turbulenten Strömungen


Project description

The overall goal of the joint project is the development of processes or methods to perform an active, energy-efficient and robust manipulation and control of the turbulent boundary layer flow at an airfoil to a significantly reduce its drag. This manipulation of the turbulent boundary layer is effected by a controlled array of micro actuators. The task of IMTEK within the consortium is the development of a suitable actuator array. The projected requirements for the actuators with a stroke of up to one millimeter at frequencies up to a few 10 kilohertz exceed well the characteristics of previously known actuators. Therefore, there is a considerable need for research concerning the actuation principles and the structural design of the actuators.

Start/End of project

01.01.2014 until 31.12.2016

Project manager

Frank Goldschmidtboeing (Prof. Dr. Peter Woias)

Contact person

Frank Goldschmidtböing, Muhammad bin Mansoor
Phone:0761 / 203-7496


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