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Piezo-Polymer-Aktoren für den Einsatz in polymeren mikrofluidischen Systemen


Project description

Micropumps are the main players in fluid handling such as fluid transportation, metering, dosing and manipulation. Therefore they are needed for various applications in a vast variety of industries such as Biotechnology, Medicine, Micro-Total Analysis Systems, Aerospace industry etc. Meeting specifications such as high sustainable back pressure, high flow rate and bubble tolerance within a small size and low consumption of power is a perpetual challenge in this field. This project aims to design, analyze, manufacture and characterize an innovative piezo activated polymer micropump with higher performance in comparison to the previous micropumps.

Start/End of project

01.06.2014 until 31.05.2016

Project manager

Frank Goldschmidtboeing (Prof. Dr. Peter Woias)

Contact person

Frank Goldschmidtboeing, Ardavan Shabanian
Phone:0761 / 203-7496

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