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Thermomechanic Micro-Generator for Energy Harvesting


Project description

Today, micro energy harvesting is widely investigated for the power supply of autonomous wireless sensors. Temperature gradients provide an excellent energy source, which is commonly exploited using thermoelectric micro generators. This work, in contrast, focuses on the development of a novel thermomechanic generator based on a dynamic micro engine. This engine is fabricated on a chip-scale in silicon technology and is unique regarding its size and properties. A closed engine chamber, filled with a working fluid, performs a reciprocating motion between a heat source and a heat sink. Thereby, the engine operates passively, hence it is self starting and the operation frequency depends on the applied temperature difference.

Start/End of project

25.10.2007 until 24.10.2010

Project manager

Prof. Dr. Peter Woias

Contact person

Dr. Michael Kröner, Till Huesgen


Graduiertenkolleg Micro Energy Harvesting


Micro Energy Harvesting, Dynamic heat engine, Pyroelectric generator, Thermal energy harvesting, Thermal interfaces
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