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Intelligentes und prozessunterstützendes Werkstückträgersystem zur Steigerung von Qualität und Rückverfolgung in mikrotechnischen Produktionsprozessen (smartWT); Teilvorhaben: Konzeption einer Sensor-/Aktorplattform

Project description

The aim of the project smartWT is to increase quality and efficiency in the production of microtechnological products. This is targeted by the development of a novel and smart piece-carrier technology. In the project, the overall concept and the required sub-modules will be defined, first. The individual sub-modules will then be summarized in a miniaturized sensor- and actorplatform that will be implemented prototypically in application specific system examples. Validation of the results will be done by means of industrial applications that will also demonstrate the feasibility of the developed platform and be the basis for future industrial systems. In the project defined interfaces and developed standardization approaches will support the transfer to other application areas. MicroTEC Südwest strategic objectives will be supported in the area of workpiece-carrier technologies as a quality relevant part of the microtechnology production. The sub-projects of IMTEK/EMP in details: Combining the sensor / actorplatform with the wake-up receiver developed at IMTEK/EMP will results in a near real time communicating system. IMTEK will focus on: • conception of workpiece-carrier with integrated smart sensor / actorplatform • development of interfaces (data processing, sensors, actuators) • design of communication management • development of network architecture • development of appropriate antennas

Start/End of project

01.10.2012 until 30.06.2015

Project manager

Prof. Dr. Leonhard Reindl

Contact person

Dr.-Ing. Tolgay Ungan
Phone:0761 203 7224


Carl-Zeiss 3 D Automation GmbH Essingen, Kugler GmbH Feinmechanik+Optik Salem, Digiraster Tetzner GmbH Stuttgart, Schunk GmbH & Co. KG Spann- und Greifwerk Lauffen/Neckar, WITTENSTEIN AG Igersheim, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung e. V. München, CADwalk GmbH & Co. KG Allmendingen-Schwörzkirch


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