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Innovationsfond Forschung: "Motion capture technology to monitor movement disabilities in Parkinson's diseases.

Project description

The target is to design a sophisticated motion capture system and to apply it in a first step to animal probands. The parameters that shall be observed with the system are disordered movements that are typical for persons having Parkinson’s disease. The current state-of-the-art in investigations in Parkinson’s disease is to transplant modified stem cells to diseased mice. The movement patterns of a treated mouse before and after the stem cell treatment are observed by a test person and then compared to each other to allow a conclusion about the effectiveness of the transplantation. The observation of a treated mouse is a time consuming and error-prone process. Therefore, a strong interest exists in the automation of the observation process. A small, accurate, and lightweight Inertial Motion Sensor Unit (IMU) can be a solution to this problem. The collected data from the IMU is more representative since the subjective human factor is minimized and the mouse can stay in its natural environment rather than being placed in an observation cage.

Start/End of project

19.07.2013 until 31.01.2014

Project manager


Contact person

Yousaf, M. Sc. Adnan


Universität Freiburg
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