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Development of an innovative energy storage system for off-grid and on-grid systems based on AI and a low cost battery system (Plug-In)


Project description

The project PLUG-in aims to develop and demonstrate a disruptive, modular storage system. The system is using an intelligent, decentralized system control in combination with an innovative, decentralized inverter technology in order to integrate different storage technologies in one system. This increases the flexibility towards different consumption, storage and and application scenarios (stand-alone, network operation, individual use of components; short and long-term storage). The control system teaches each system individually to the memory modules used. The integration of each module in the current energy supply is adapted to the current status (e.g. in the case of batteries to the state of charge, the cell type, the cell chemistry, the state of aging). This creates an artificial intelligence that optimizes system operation and takes advantage of the individual modules. In addition, direct feeding from the system into the AC grid as well as the operation of AC devices is made possible. Finally, the focus is on storage materials that have a long lifespan and are based on abundant raw materials. For this purpose, the partners IMTEK / Uni Freiburg and BOS Balance of Storage Systems AG work together in this project and will put together a consortium in the concept phase, which includes additional research partners (ideee / An-Institut der TH Ulm, HS Heilbronn) and companies ( fosera GmbH & Co.KG, fothermo, and possibly others).

Start/End of project

01.06.2020 until 31.05.2021

Project manager

Dr. Matthias Breitwieser
Phone:+49 761 203-54063






Weltspeicher, Sprunginnovation, disruptive innovation, world storage, global storage
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