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Dr. Florian Lombeck

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VitaF. Lombeck

Florian Lombeck  studied chemistry at the university of Heidelberg and finished his studies with a focus on the synthesis and characterization of organic fluorescent dyes for OLED application. During his studies he spend 6 months at the Department of Photochemistry and Molecular Science in Uppsala, Sweden, where he conducted research on light-harvesting complexes for water-splitting. In a close and interdisciplinary collaboration with the Department for Macromolecular Chemistry of the University of Freiburg Florian received his PhD physics from the Cavendish Laboratory in Cambridge, UK. He investigated conjugated polymers for organic photovoltaic (OPV) and organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) in regards to phase separation behavior of conjugated polymer/polymer blends and conjugated polymer backbone defect structures upon the performance of the final optoelectronic devices. Since February 2018, Florian Lombeck is working at Hahn-Schickard on the development of membranes for application in PEM fuel cells and redox-flow-batteries.



List of publications


Former Publications

  • Cyclometalated RuII Complexes with Improved Octahedral Geometry: Synthesis and Photophysical Properties
    Michael Jäger, Amanda Smeigh, Florian Lombeck, Helmar Görls, Jean-Paul Collin, Jean-Pierre Sauvage, Leif Hammarström, Olof Johansson Inorg. Chem. 2010, 49, 374
  • Resolution of Conformationally Chiral mer-[Ru(dqp)2]2+ and Crystallographic Analysis of [d,d‑Ru(dqp)2][D‑TRISPHAT]2
    Sanjeev Sharma, Florian Lombeck, Lars Eriksson, Olof Johansson Chem. Eur. J. 2010, 16, 24, 7078.    
  • 1,3,6,8-Tetraazapyrenes: Synthesis, Solid-State Structures and Properties as Redox-Active Materials
    Sonja Geib, Susanne C. Martens, Ute Zschieschang, Florian Lombeck, Hubert Wadepohl, Hagen Klauk, and Lutz H. Gade  J. Org. Chem. 2012, 77, 6107.
  • Annulated Heterocyclic Derivatives of 1,3,6,8-Tatreazapyrene
    Susanne C. Martens, Lena Hahn, Florian Lombeck, Arina Rybina, Hubert Wadepohl, L. H. Gade Eur. J. Org. Chem. 2013, 5295.
  • Soluble and Stable Alternating Main-Chain Merocyanine Copolymers Through Quantitative Spiropyran-Merocyanine Conversion
    Hartmut Komber, Stefan Müllers, Florian Lombeck, Alexander Held, Michael Walter, Michael Sommer Polym. Chem., 2014, 5, 443.
  • Identifying Homocoupling as Critical Side Reactions in Direct Arylation Polycondensation
    Florian Lombeck, Hartmut Komber, Serge I. Gorelsky, Michael Sommer ACS Macro Lett. 2014, 3, 819.
  • Simple Synthesis of P(Cbz-alt-TBT) and PCDTBT by Combining Direct Arylation with Suzuki Polycondensation of Heteroaryl Chlorides
    Florian Lombeck, Rukiya Matsidik, Hartmut Komber, Michael Sommer Macromol. Rapid Commun. 2015, 36, 231.
  • C-H Arylation of Unsubstituted Furan and Thiophene with Acceptor Bromides: Access to Donor-Acceptor-Donor Type Building Blocks for Organic Electronics
    Rukiya Matsidik, Johannes Martin, Simon Schmidt, Johannes Obermayer, Florian Lombeck, Fritz Nübling, Hartmut Komber, Daniele Fazzi, Michael Sommer J. Org. Chem. 2015, 80, 980.
  • High Molecular Weight Mechanochromic Spiropyran Main Chain Copolymers via Reproducible Microwave-Assisted Suzuki Polycondensation
    Lukas Metzler, Thomas Reichenbach, Oliver Brügner, Hartmut Komber, Florian Lombeck, Stefan Müllers, Ralf Hanselmann, Harald Hillebrecht, Michael Walter, Michael Sommer Polym. Chem. 2015, 6, 3694.
  • Enhancing Phase-Separation and Photovoltaic Performance of All-Conjugated Donor-Acceptor Block Copolymers with Semifluorinated Alkyl Side Chains
    Florian Lombeck, Hartmut Komber, Alessandro Sepe, Richard H. Friend, Michael Sommer Macromolecules 2015, 48, 7851.
  • Organic Solar Cells: On the Effect of Prevalent Carbazole Homocoupling Defects on the Photovoltaic Performance of PCDTBT:PC71BM Solar Cells (Cover Paper)
    Florian Lombeck, Hartmut Komber, Daniele Fazzi, Diego Nava, Jochen Kuhlmann, Dominik Stegerer, Karen Strassel, Joseph Brandt, Amaia Diaz de Zerio Mendaza, Christian Müller, Walter Thiel, Mario Caironi, Richard Friend, Michael Sommer Adv. Energy Mater., 2016, 21, 1601232.  
  • Mixed side-chain geometries for aggregation control of poly(fluorene-alt-bithiophene) and their effects on photophysics and charge transport
    Olivia Kettner, Andreas Pein, Gregor Trimmel, Paul Christian, Christian Röthel, Ingo Salzmann, Roland Resel, Girish Lakhwani, Florian Lombeck, Michael Sommer, Bettina Friedel Synthetic Metals, 2016, 220, 162.
  • Compatibilization of All-Conjugated Polymer Blends for Organic Photovoltaics
    Florian Lombeck, Alessandro Sepe, Ralf Thomann, Richard Friend, Michael Sommer, ACS Nano, 2016, 10, 8087.
  • PCDTBT: From Polymer Photovoltaics to Light-Emitting Diodes by Side-Chain Controlled Luminescence
    Florian Lombeck, Dawei Di, Le Yang, Lorenzo Meraldi, Stavros Athanasopoulos, Dan Credgington, Michael Sommer*, Richard H. Friend*, Macromolecules 2016, 49 (24), 9382.
  • Direct S0→T Excitation of a Conjugated Polymer Repeat Unit: Unusual Spin-Forbidden Transitions Probed by Time-Resolved Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
    Deborah L. Meyer, Florian Lombeck, Sven Huettner, Michael Sommer, Till Biskup, J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 2017, 8 (7), 1677.
  • Benzoyl-side chains push the open-circuit voltage of PCDTBT/PCBM solar cells beyond 1Volt
    Florian Lombeck,Stefan Müllers, Hartmut Komber, S. Matthew Menke, Andrew J. Pearson, Patrick Conaghan, Chris McNeill, Richard H. Friend, Michael Sommer, Org. Electron. 2017, 49, 142.

  • To branch or not to branch: C-H selectivity of thiophene-benzothiadiazole-thiophene monomers for direct arylation polycondensation
    Florian Lombeck, Hartmut Komber, Karen Strassel, Franziska Marx, Susanna Kunz, Caroline Lienert, Richard Friend, Michael Sommer, Polym. Chem. 2017, 8, 4738.






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