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Philipp Tepper


VitaPhilipp Tepper

Philipp Tepper studied Bioengineering (B. Sc. & M. Sc.) at the Karlsruher Institut for Technology (KIT) in Karlsruhe, Germany. His majors were foodprocess- and biopharmaceutical engineering. In his master thesis he compared the activity and the possible ice crystal binding plane of anti-freezing proteins (AFP) in the presence of different sugar molecules. At Hahn-Schickard he joined the Scale-Up group in 2016 and supported building up and commissioning the production line “Pilotlinie” for centrifugal microfluidic platforms. Currently he is responsible for liquid reagent storage in stickpacks for centrifugal microfluidic platforms. In his PhD thesis he is investigating possible applications and resulting behaviour of double chamber stickpacks.



List of publications


Further publications

  • M. Horvat, G. Guthausen, P. Tepper, L. Falco, H.P. Schuchmann; Non-destructive, quantitative characterization of extruded starch-based products by magnetic resonance imaging and X-ray microtomography, (2014), Journal of Food Engineering, 124, 122-127
  • N.S. Terefe, P. Tepper, A. Ullman, K. Knoerzer, P. Juliano; High pressure thermal processing of pears: effect on endogenous enzyme activity and related quality attributes, (2016), Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies,  33, 56-66




e-mail: Philipp.Tepper@Hahn-Schickard.de
Phone: +49 761 203-73273
Fax: +49 761 203-73299
Office: Engesserstr. 4, 1st floor


Georges-Koehler-Allee 103, 2. OG (Hahn-Schickard building)
79110 Freiburg






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