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Hybrid aspherical liquid-tunable optical systems (HALO)


Project description

Tunable lenses are key components for many modern miniaturized display and imaging systems, granting them active focusing, optical magnification and aberration control. Their application areas span a large range from advanced life-science microscopy to machine vision. HALO aims to develop a compact, self-contained miniaturized wafer-level tunable lens free of spherical and chromatic aberrations, offering an optical performance unprecedented for this class of devices. Furthermore, HALO will also demonstrate a single-lens imaging system with diffraction-limited optical performance based on this device, exploiting its fast focal-length tuning capability to correct for field curvature aberration through digital synthesis of multiple images recorded at slightly shifted lens focal lengths. The final aim of HALO project is to develop a compact high quality wafer level cellphone camera.

Start/End of project

01.11.2017 until 31.10.2020

Project manager

Dr. Çağlar Ataman

Contact person

Dr. Çağlar Ataman




Wafer level optics, Tunable aspherical micro lens, Optical MEMS, Silicon based optics, WLO camera
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