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Thermomechanical characterization of liquid crystal elastomers


Project description

This project investigates liquid crystal elastomers (LCE) as actuator material in micro-optical systems. Thermotropic LCE contract by about 40% of their initial length, when they undergo a thermodynamic phase transition at about 110°C. The thermomechanical characterization reveals important design guidelines, which permit the transfer of this novel muscle-like actuator material to real applications. The thermomechanical experiments comprise examination of blocking forces, contraction, scaling, controllability, hysteresis and custom-made actuation trajectories. Furthermore, the project provides concepts for efficient thermal stimulation: Embedded deformable micro-heaters as seen below yield optimal response times and design flexibility. This project is conducted in cooperation with the research group of Prof. Rudolf Zentel, Institute for organic chemisty, Johannes-Gutenberg-University of Mainz.

Start/End of project

01.11.2012 until 31.10.2014

Project manager

Prof. Dr. Hans Zappe

Contact person

Bilal Khatri, Sebastian Petsch


Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft


Flüssigkristalelastomere, Aktoren, Thermomechanik, Liquid crystal elastomers (LCEs)
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