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Flexible optical sensor skin


Project description

Fundamental research on flexible devices (electrical and optical) is presently experiencing very dynamic and accelerating growth but, with the exception of displays and solar cells, the applications aspect is still wide open. The ultimate goal of this project is the realization of a flexible optical sensor skin for the measurement of a wide variety of physiological relevance parameters, by integrating polymer LEDs (PLEDs), photodetectors, waveguides and electrical wiring on flexible membranes. The aim of this phase is the development of flexible and printable PLEDs, as one step for the complete flexible optical sensor skin. The optical design and optimization of the PLED structures will be realized using optical simulations. For large-scale replication of structured foils suitable for the novel optical sensor systems, a printable technique is applied to optimize the production of polymer based LEDs.

Start/End of project

01.01.2015 until 31.12.2016

Project manager

Prof. Dr. Hans Zappe

Contact person

Frau Dr. Pei Li


Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung/Foundation and DFG


Flexible optoelectronics, optical sensor skin, Polymer LEDs
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