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Ultra-thin Alvarez lens system actuated by artificial muscles


Project description

A key feature of Alvarez lenses is that they may be tuned in focal length using lateral rather than axial translation, thus reducing the overall length of a focus-tunable optical system. To reduce the overall device thickness, this project uses Liquid crystal elastomer micro actuators to actuate the molded Alvarez lens. The miniaturized actuators generate a large in-plane deflection of the molded mechanical suspension and Alvarez lens. Compared to traditional actuators, this allows a considerable reduction of the thickness of this focus-tunable lens. The project is conducted in collaboration with the Institute for Technical Optics, Technical University of Ilmenau.

Start/End of project

01.11.2013 until 31.01.2016

Project manager

Prof. Dr. Hans Zappe

Contact person

Sebastian Petsch, Adrian Grewe, Luis Köbele




Liquid crystal elastomer, micro-actuators, Alvarez lens
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