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"EAGLE II" DFG Wa 1657/1-2

Project description

In collaboration with our project partners this project aims at the development of a compact optical system for both, spectral as well as lateral high resolution imaging. For this purpose adaptive optical components with integrated actuators are needed, which are the contribution of the Microactuators-Laboratory within this research project. More specifically, we are developing adaptive lenses, which are needed for accurate focusing. Further, a switchable grating it needed, with which the operation mode can be changed from lateral to spectral. With a tunable slit aperture stop the image line, on which the spectral dispersion happens, can be selected and by scanning this line a whole image is assembled electronically. The integrated actuation is a prerequisite for a compact device size by reducing the amount of single components. At the same time it enables potentially fast switching times and mechanical robustness. This project is funded within the DFG Priority Program 1337 “Active Microoptics”.

Start/End of project

20.09.2011 until 19.09.2014

Project manager

Prof. Dr. U. Wallrabe


IMTEK, Laboratory for Simulation (Prof. Dr. J. Korvink) Ernst-Abbe-Hochschule Jena (Prof. Dr. R. Brunner)


Piezoaktoren, Mikro-optische Komponenten, optische Messtechnik, piezo actuators, micro-optical components, optical instrumentation
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