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DFG WA 1657/5-1 und BA 4275/2-1 Magnetisches Schweben und Transport von Mikroobjekten unter Nutzung von solenoiden Mikrospulenarrays

Project description

We propose to exploit the robust and versatile state of the art coil winding technology based on the highly efficient use of an automatic wirebonder, which has been developed recently at IMTEK’s Laboratory for Microactuators. The goal of the project is to implement a 3 degrees of freedom magnetic induction micromachine based on the electromagnetic microbearing and in a second phase of the project to introduce a 4th degree of freedom - rotation - thus attempting to realize a rotary micromachine.

Start/End of project

19.03.2012 until 18.03.2015

Project manager

Prof. Dr. U. Wallrabe




elektromagnetische Aktoren, magnetische Aktoren, Mikrospulen, Maschinenbau, electromagnetic actuators, magnetic actuators, micro coils, mechanical engineering
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