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AmbiJet – the innovative technology for a successful disinfection of root canals

Project description

About ten millions root canals are treated every single year in Germany alone. In the medium term, one third of these treatments end up as clinical failures - a major reason for this is an insufficient disinfection of the root canal. A joint venture from the University and the University Hospital of Freiburg is developing a plasma jet to tackle this problem. A plasma jet is an electrically activated gas flow, which contains bactericidal particles. It disinfects root canals significantly better than is possible with current methods. This method shortens the treatment time and significantly reduces the risks for patients, such as potentially cell-damaging disinfection liquids. The technology is currently in preclinical testing and will be available to a first group of users by 2018.

Start/End of project

01.09.2016 until 28.02.2019

Project manager

Dr. Loic Ledernez; Prof. Dr. Gerald Urban

Contact person

Dr. Loic Ledernez
Phone:+49 (0) 761 / 203 7269


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