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Decorated Nanotube-BuckyPaper as Electrocatalyst for Direct Glucose Fuel Cells

Project description

The bilateral cooperation will be based on a 3 month research stay of a PhD student from the University of Freiburg (Mr. Laith Hussein) at the laboratory of Prof. Yushan Yan at the University of California, Riverside. The topic will involve the exploration of nanotube buckypaper electrocatalyst decorated with catalytic active metallic nanoparticles or enzymes as potential (bio) fuel cell cathodes or anodes with the focus on glucose fuel cells. The objective of the research stay is, to optimise the decorated buckypaper fabrication, the electrochemical testing of the electrocatalysts and electrodes characterization as well as the integration of these buckypaper electrodes into fuel cell devices. The potential of these devices will be pre-evaluated for further long-term research cooperation and projects.

Start/End of project

15.07.2009 until 14.10.2009

Project manager

Dr. Michael Krüger; Prof. Dr. Gerald Urban

Contact person

Dr. Michael Krüger


Prof. Y Yan, University of California Riverside (USA)
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