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Multimetabolische Screening Plattform - MetaScreen, Teilvorhaben Biosens-MetaScreen

Project description

The goal of the project is to develop a system for cultivating, conserving and monitoring biological systems and apply it exemplarily to cell cultures and acute vital tissue sections. Taking into consideration the requirements of the biological systems (nutrient supply and provision of the desired microenvironment in particular) and the analytical purpose (use of minimal agent quantities, quantitation of minimal signals and analyte quantities), the project will be integrated in a generic system platform and implemented with close-to-the-market technology. In order to achieve this, the methods of analysis for the recording of multi-metabolic parameters such as pH, pO2, T, impedance, NO, glucose, lactate and various neurotransmitters will be improved and transferred gradually to planar (2D) microstructures (for cell cultures) and 3D-micro electrode arrays (for acute vital tissue sections). At the end of the project, both focal points will be demonstrated in integrated microsystems.

Start/End of project

01.08.2006 until 31.12.2009

Project manager

Jochen Kieninger; Dr. Isabella Moser

Contact person

Dr. Jochen Kieninger
Phone:+49 (0) 761 / 203 7265


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