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Aastha Lall

Master student

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Since September 2017: MSc. Sustainable Materials - Polymer Science, joint program by Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg, Germany and University of Strasbourg, France. At present: Intern at and Institute of Microsystems Engineering IMTEK - Laboratory for Sensors & Freiburg Materials Research Center FMF, University of Freiburg; and UMR CNRS 5223 Ingénierie de Matériaux Polymères, University Claude Bernard Lyon1, France.
Topic: Films of chitosan/protein to mimic insect cuticle
2011-2015: B.E. Chemical Engineering from Thapar University, India. Undertaken following Internships during Bachelor’s degree
June 2013 - July 2013: Thapar Centre for Industrial Research and Development, India
Project: Basics of Pulp and Paper making process; Optimization of Charcoal as adsorbent for Black Liquor (Industrial effluent) and using Fly Ash (industrial by-product) in lieu of Charcoal.
June 2014 - Dec 2014: Internship at Ind-Swift R&D Centre, India
Project: Optimization of Yield and Purity of a Pharma Product using the concept of Design of Experiment (DoE) and CFD Analysis for Heat Exchanger/Condenser using SolidWorks and COMSOL, by Computational Fluid Dynamics approach.
Dec 2015 - July 2017: Worked as Data Analyst for TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES, India


Research interests

  • Biomaterials
  • Bioinspired Functional Materials
  • Biopolymers




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