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Lars Pastewka

 Prof. Dr. Lars Pastewka

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Selected Publications

Bart Weber, Tomislav Suhina, Till Junge, Lars Pastewka, Albert M. Brouwer, Daniel Bonn
Molecular Probes Reveal Deviations from Amontons’ Law in Multi-Asperity Frictional Contacts
Nature Communications 9, 888 (2018)

Daniele Savio, Lars Pastewka, Peter Gumbsch
Boundary Lubrication of Heterogeneous Surfaces and the Onset of Cavitation in Frictional Contacts
Science Advances 2, e1501585 (2016)

Lars Pastewka, Mark O. Robbins
Contact between Rough Surfaces and a Criterion for Macroscopic Adhesion
PNAS 111 (9), 3298–3303 (2014)

Lars Pastewka, Stefan Moser, Peter Gumbsch, Michael Moseler
Anisotropic Mechanical Amorphization Drives Wear in Diamond
Nature Materials 10, 34–38 (2011)


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The origins of roughness

Freiburg researcher investigate the origins of surface texture
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New paper in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces

"Combining TEM, AFM, and Profilometry for Quantitative Topography Characterization Across All Scales" has appeared in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.
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New paper in Physical Review Materials

"Shear melting of silicon and diamond and the disappearance of the polyamorphic transition under shear" was published in Physical Review Materials.
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