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Dr. Zahra Bagherian


VitaZahra Bagherian

Dr. Zahra Bagherian has studied Pure Chemistry (BSc, University of Zabol, 2009) and analytical chemistry (MSc, University of Tarbiat Modares, 2011) in Iran. She has continued her PhD in the field of electrochemistry in Mazandaran University (Iran) and, as a visiting student, at the Linköping University (Sweden). During her Master and PhD, she has conducted research on the Preparation of DNA/enzymatic electrochemical biosensors. During this time, she gained significant knowledge in electrochemistry, biosensor development and characterization, surface chemistry and modification, nano particle synthesis, material characterization and polymer science. After graduation (2016), she started a postdoc position at IMTEK, university of Freiburg (Germany). On 2019, she has been granted a Humboldt scholarship (A universal electrochemical DNA sensor based on quantitative isothermal amplification and its miniaturization) that she is currently doing at the IMTEK, university of Freiburg (Germany). Since May 2020, she started a part time positon (research assistant) at the Hahn-Schickard in Freiburg (Germany). During her period at the IMTEK, she focused on the development and integration of electrochemical nucleic acid detection in microfluidic device for point of care diagnostic application. In order to achieve the above described goal she has been working, in close collaboration with experts, on amplification procedures (PCR and isothermal approaches), electrode manufacturing (e.g. inkjet, screen printing), electrode material (carbon, Graphene, metal) characterization/evaluation, techniques for sensor’s surface functionalization and microfluidic design.






Weitere Publikationen

Journal publications

  • J.B. Raoof, Z. Bagheryan, A.B. Hashkavayi; “Development of a DNA biosensor based on MCM41 modified screen-printed graphite electrode for the study of the short sequence of the p53 tumor suppressor gene in hybridization …”, (2020), New Journal of Chemistry 44 (5), 2016-2021
  • S.G. Zidanloo, A.H. Colagar, H. Ayatollahi, Z. Bagheryan; “G-quadruplex forming region within WT1 promoter is selectively targeted by daunorubicin and mitoxantrone: A possible mechanism for anti-leukemic effect of drugs”, (2019), Journal of biosciences 44 (1), 12
  • S.Z. Mousavisani, J.B. Raoof, R. Ojani, Z. Bagheryan; “An impedimetric biosensor for DNA damage detection and study of the protective effect of deferoxamine against DNA damage”, (2018), Bioelectrochemistry 122, 142-148
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  • Z. Bagheryan; “A sensitive DNA biosensor fabricated from carbon nanotubes on a glassy carbon electrode for investigation of DNA-polyamines and DNA-protein interaction”, (2009), The 9th Iranian Biennual Electrochemistry conference, Yazd, Iran.







Institut für Mikrosystemtechnik – IMTEK
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