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Dr. Patrick Ruther

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Dr. Patrick Ruther studied physics (University of Konstanz, Germany), and received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Karlsruhe, Germany on a LIGA-based micro-mechanical test-setup for micro-samples. During his postdoctoral fellowship (1996 to 1998) at the Institute of Microstructure Technology, Research Center Karlsruhe (now KIT) he was responsible for industrial projects targeting micro-optical LIGA components such as multi-fibre connectors for telecommunication and optical distance sensors for robot applications. Since October 1998, Patrick Ruther is senior scientist and group leader at the Microsystem Materials Laboratory (Prof. Dr. O. Paul), Department of Microsystems Engineering (IMTEK), University of Freiburg.

Research interests

• Development of post-CMOS compatible MEMS devices for life science and industrial applications
• Development and application of MEMS-based neural implants combining electrophysiological recordings and optogenetic stimulation using micro-electrodes and integrated electro-optical components
• Development and validation of fabrication processes for thin-film LED arrays integrated on stiff as well as flexible substrates for life science applications
• Application of micro-optical tools to interface optogenetically modified cerebral and peripheral neural tissue as well as muscles

Research projects

NeuraViPeR – EU-funded project on “Neural Active Visual Prosthetics for Restoring Function” (Horizon 2020, Grant agreement ID: 899287); Patrick Ruther serves as Principle Investigator developing assembly technologies between flexible neural probes and ASIC CMOS chips

DEEPER – EU-funded project on the “Deep Brain Photonic Tools for Cell-type Specific Targeting of Neural Diseases” (Horizon 2020, Grant agreement ID: 101016787); Patrick Ruther serves as Principle Investigator developing flexible, multimodal, LED-based implants

BrainLinks-BrainTools – Cluster of Excellence funded by the DFG (Grant No. EXC 1086); Patrick Ruther serves as a Member of the Cluster leading and/or participating in projects on silicon-based neural probes with integrated CMOS circuitry, electro-optical components and innovative electrode coatings

SPP1926 Next Generation Optogenetics – The DFG Priority Programme SPP1926 aims to generate novel optogenetic tools, for application in Neuro- and Cell Biology. The project of Patrick Ruther  aims at developing neural implants with electrophysiology, fluidic and optical functionality.

NeuroSeeker – EU-funded project on the “Investigation of local and global cortical circuits with advanced neural probes for high-resolution electrophysiological monitoring and optogenetic stimulation” (FP7-IST, Project ID 600925); Patrick Ruther served as General Coordinator and Workpackage Leader

NeuroProbes – EU-funded project on the “Development of multifunctional microprobe arrays for cerebral applications” (FP6-IST, Project ID 027017); Patrick Ruther served as Technology Coordinator and Workpackage Leader


Teaching activities

• Advanced Silicon Technology
• Silicon-based Neural Technology

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