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Moritz Berger

CV / Former activities

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Moritz Berger began to study Microsystems Engineering at IMTEK in 2011. From November 2013 till June 2015 he was working with neural probes with optical function. He received his B. Sc. degree in 2014 with his thesis on the “Encapsulation of Laser Diode Chips for Optogenetic Applications”. Moritz was employed by Silicon Microstructures (Milpitas, CA, USA) as an R&D Engineering Intern for 3+ months from July 2015 to October 2015 and worked on a National Instruments PXI test setup to implement I2C communication protocol using an FPGA logic board.  He graduated in May 2017 with his master thesis “Nonlinear half-blind calibration of multisensor systems”.

In September he started as a Ph.D. student at the MML, IMTEK with main focus on the development of advanced calibration methods for nonlinear multisensor systems. 
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