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Mikel Gorostiaga, M.Sc.

Mikel (LAB)Vita

After completing his studies in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Navarra, Mikel Gorostiaga worked for 2 years at IK4-Ideko technology centre (Spain) at the Ultra-precision and Micro-technology department. While at Ik4-Ideko, he took part in different projects related to the machine tool field involving technologies, such as, Active Aerostatic Bearings, Fast Tool Servos and Semi-Active Tunable Eddy-Current Magnetic Dampers.
In April 2013 he joined the Micro-Actuators group at the University of Freiburg as a PhD student. His work is focused on the employment of Piezo-electric actuators for micro energy harvesting.


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E-Mail: mikel.gorostiaga@imtek.uni-freiburg.de
Tel.: +49 (0) 761 203-7482
Fax: +49 (0) 761 203-7439
Raum: 102 02 087


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