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Radarbasierte Drehmomentmessung mit OFW-Resonatoren (TorqueSens); Teilvorhaben: Modellierung der AVT von drahtlosen Drehmomentsensoren zur Minimierung der Querempfindlichkeiten

Project description

The aim of the TorqueSense project is to develop an innovative torque measurement method using passive and wireless Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) resonators. This project addresses the challenges faced in rotating machinery used in different industrial applications. The key approach of this work is to embed the strain sensors on a clamp system, which avoids any modifications of the shaft. This project belongs to the Cluster MicroTEC Südwest.

Start/End of project

01.10.2010 until 31.03.2013

Project manager

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Wilde

Contact person

Prof. Dr. Leonhard Reindl
Phone:0761 203 7221


SENSeOR GmbH Freiburg, Sandner Messtechnik GmbH Biebesheim


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