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Optrodes with integrated light source

Optogentic tools optrodes optical stimulation intracortical probe


In the framework of an internal research project miniaturized tools for optogenetic applications are developed by our group. The so called optrodes are based on our intracortical probe arrays used for in vivo recording applications. These passive probes are enhanced by waveguides and laser diode (LD) chips used as miniaturized light sources. The LD integration on the probe base allows omitting mechanically stiff optical fibers and external light sources as implemented in recently presented optrodes. Moreover, as the integrated light sources require an electrical connection only, in vivo experiments with freely behaving animals are facilitated.


The assambly of the optrode systems is based on the flip-chip bonding of bare laser diode chips as well as a wire bond process. This enables an alignmet of the laser diodes to the waveguide of better ±5 µm. We aim at developing a biocompatible encapsulation of the light source providing a long-term stability for optogentic experiments.

Fields of application

  • Basic research in neuroscience

  • Optogenetic


  • Dr. Patrick Ruther, project leader

  • M.Sc. Michael Schwärzle, Ph.D. student



  • Laser diode based optrodes, internal project

  • NeuroSeeker


  • Prof. U. Schwarz, IMTEK, Optoelectronics Laboratory


Dr. Patrick Ruther

Email: ruther@imtek.de

Tel.: +49 (0) 761 203-7197

Fax: +49 (0) 761 203-7192

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