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Dr. Lisa Drechsel

PostDoc, Project leader Pestiplat

VitaDrechsel, Lisa

Dr. Lisa Drechsel studied Biology at the University of Freiburg with focus on immunology, microbiology and clinical chemistry/hematology. In her diploma thesis at the Max-Planck Institute of Immunobiology she investigated the induction of interferon by adenoviruses and its influence on a hypersensitivity reaction towards a bacterial toxin (LPS). During her PhD thesis at the Max von Pettenkofer-Intitute & Gene Center (LMU Munich), she was a fellow of the DFG research training group 1202 “Oligonucleotides in Cell Biology and Therapy”. She investigated the role of a human protein in the regulation of interferon induction by RNA viruses. Since 2011, she is working as a postdoc at Hahn-Schickard in the division Lab-on-a-Chip. As project leader of Pestiplat, she promotes the development of an automatic platform for pesticide detection in vegetables.



List of publications

  •  Adriane Marschalek, Lisa Drechsel and Karl-Klaus Conzelmann: The importance of being short: The role of rabies virus phosphoprotein isoforms assessed by differential IRES translation initiation. European Journal of Cell Biology, 2012, 91(1)
  • György Fejer, Lisa Drechsel, Jan Liese, Ulrike Schleicher, Zsolt Ruzsics, Nicola Imelli, Urs F. Greber, Simone Keck, Bernd Hildenbrand, Anne Krug, Christian Bogdan, and Marina A. Freudenberg: Key role of splenic myeloid DCs in the IFN-alphabeta response to adenoviruses in vivo. PLoS Pathogens, 2008, November; 4(11)





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