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Open Positions at the Laboratory for Optical Systems

PhD Position

As part of a new international research project, we are offering a PhD position and – with regard to the development of particularly compact, highly integrated sensors using methods of microsystems technology – also a challenging research topic.
The position is located at Freiburg University at the Laboratory for Optical Systems. The work will be carried out in close cooperation with the Nonlinear Optics and Quantum Sensing group of Fraunhofer IPM Freiburg and will in large part be performed at the University of Colorado Boulder.


Bachelor and Master Theses

We regularly offer topics for Bachelor and Master theses. Even if no explicit thesis is announce here, it is still worth visiting us. We are sure to find an exciting project for interested students with some experience in the field of optics.


Internships / Student Assistants (HiWi)

Our current research projects constantly offer exciting tasks that are ideally suited to getting to know the Optical Systems group in more detail. During your time with us you will be able to work on your own small projects – always in close exchange with experienced staff of the chair. In doing so, you will not only expand your knowledge but also acquire the practical skills you need to work successfully  in an optical laboratory. If you are interested, just visit us or send us an eMail.




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