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Optical Materials 2021/22


  • Tuesday, 14:00 to 16:00
  • In person: SR 00-014, building 78
    Online: Live stream via MS Teams
  • Full-text script for preparation and follow-up is provided for download via ILIAS E-Learning Platform



  • Monday 12:00 to 14:00
  • In person: Seminar room SR 00-014, building 78
    Online: Q&A session via MS Teams
  • In person: Experiments are shown during the tutorial
    Online: Videos of the experiments are provided for download via ILIAS E-Learning Platform.


Date Topic Speaker
 19.10. Introduction and classification Ingo Breunig
 26.10. Fabrication and shaping Ingo Breunig
 02.11. Absorption and Refraction: Fundamentals Karsten Buse
 09.11. Absorption and Refraction: Metrology Ingo Breunig
 16.11. Scattering Ingo Breunig
 23.11. Pulse propagation in dispersive media Ingo Breunig
 30.11. Birefringence Karsten Buse
07.12. Optical activity and Faraday effect Ingo Breunig
14.12. Nonlinear-optical effects Karsten Buse
21.12. How to set up a nitrogen laser Ingo Breunig
28.12. Christmas break
04.01. Christmas break
 11.01. Pockels and Kerr effect Karsten Buse
 18.01. Second harmonic generation Karsten Buse
 25.01. no lecture
 01.02. Optical parametric oscillation Ingo Breunig
 08.02 Optical whispering galleries Ingo Breunig



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