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S. Hoda Moosavi, M.Sc.


S. Hoda Moosavi started her academic studies since 2003 in the field of Physics. She graduated from Isfahan University, Isfahan, Iran, with a master thesis of topic "Design and Simulation of Directional Couplers and Microring Resonators". 

Being interested in Micro-Engineering, at 2010 she took part part in the MSE program at IMTEK. On February 2013 she fulfilled her thesis of the topic ‘’Wavefront Correction for Bessel Beams Propagating Through Scattering Media’’ under the supervision of professor Rohrbach, LS BNP, IMTEK.
During the next 6 month she was responsible for the optical-based measurement of the MEMS chips under stress, using ESPI and DIC methods in LS AVT, IMTEK.
Since September 2013 she has started her research in the Laboratory for Design of Microsystems. Her task is to fulfill a controlled manipulation and deposition of single nanowires on a platform. The project is called TNCP which stands for Thermoelectric Nanowire Characterisation Platform.
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