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Venkata Sivaji Sarat Chandra Voleti was an Electrical Engineering student from SASTRA University, India. Later, he gained a two-year professional experience working for Robert Bosch India. With the unquenched thirst for knowledge, he decided to pursue his Master of Science in Microsystems Engineering at the Albert Ludwig's University of Freiburg from Oct 2018. He also worked as a Research Assistant under the chair of Microelectronics where he gained expertise in the design and layout of Transistors circuits in Cadence. Sarat also worked as a Teaching Assistant under the Chair of Sensors where he taught and organized Mechanical sensors experiment in Senors laboratory course for 120 Master students.

From June 2020, he is working on his Master thesis on "Modelling of TMR sensor element for their system-level integration with Hall sensors for Automotive applications" at TDK-micronas, Freiburg under the supervision of Prof. Oliver Paul.

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