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Service Centers

  • Clean Room Service Center:

    In addition to the labs used by each research group, IMTEK also relies on the technological support of the University of Freiburg’s Cleanroom Service Center (RSC). The RSC coordinates the operation of IMTEK’s research cleanroom, which is the department’s process technology backbone with currently more than 320 registered users. Over the last few years, it has installed a complete process line, which allows us to conduct all the standard processes of silicone micromechanics as well as many compatible technological methods.

  • Building Services:

    Please contact IMTEK’s Building Services for all building and renovation measures, the maintenance and monitoring of equipment, and the servicing and monitoring of utilities (gas, water, electricity). We can also help you with safety issues and saving energy. >> see contact

  • Information Systems (EDV):

    Systems Administration is responsible for everything concerning data bases, websites, software licenses, maintaining the computer pool, and much more. Contact via web mask.

  • Marketing & Communications:

    If you want to publish a press release, inquire about the editorial content of IMTEK’s website, or look at IMTEK’s trade fare materials, you can do this and much more in the Communications and Marketing department.

    Natascha Thoma-Widmann (Faculty of Engineering) | Phone: +49 761 203-8056, thoma-widmann@tf.uni-freiburg.de

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