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Our area of research is microfluidics. It involves the manipulation and processing of fluids and gases in small amounts or with small-size systems.

We cooperate in a strategic alliance with Hahn-Schickard and develop application-oriented solutions in the following areas:

Microfluidics |

We develop microfluidic components and systems and enable innovative applications in the life sciences as well as in industry

  • Equipment and processes for coating, printing and rapid prototyping applications, especially for 3D bioprinting, 3D metal printing, 3D multi‐material printing and functional inkjet printing
  • Microdispensing systems for the non‐contact handling of liquids e.g. for the miniaturization of automated analysis systems, single cell dispensing and applications in medical technology as well as molecular diagnostics
  • Quantitative characterization of microdroplets and smallest liquid flow rates by non‐contact, integrated miniaturized sensors and high‐precision measurement technology

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Our work in Microfluidics – 
an overview (video)
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Microanalysis Systems / Lab-on-a-Chip | apl. Prof. Dr. Felix von Stetten (Hahn-Schickard)

LOAC-VisionWe integrate complete processes for biochemical analyses onto chips the size of a credit card. They can be used directly on site for quick and reliable analysis of complex clinical pictures using only a single drop of the patient’s blood.
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Electrochemical Energy Systems | Dr. Severin Vierrath

REM-Aufnahme KohlenstoffPorous media are critically important for a wide variety of scientific and industrial applications. Due to their complex geometric structure, inquiry into the functioning of porous structures has always presented a great scientific challenge.
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