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Photonics Colloquium 2023

Wednesday, 16:15 to 18:00

Building 101, SR 02-016/18 or ZOOM presentation

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Date Speaker                     Topic Format
26.04.2023 Prof. Dr. Bart Guyken
Ghent University, Belgium
Heterogeneous III/V-on-silicon-nitride modelocked lasers ZOOM presentation
10.05.2023 Prof. YongKeun Park
Korea Adv. Institute of Science & Technology
Holotomography and artificial intelligence: label-free 3D imaging, classification, and inference of live cells and organoids on-site event

Yanis Taege
Freiburg University, IMTEK

3D-printed light-sheets? Micro- and nanofabrication strategies for miniaturized light-sheet microscopy on-site event
14.06.2023 Dr. Giuseppe Vicidomini,
Genoa University, Italy
Image Scanning Microscopy with Single-Photon Detector Array: the Next-Generation of Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy ZOOM presentation
28.06.2023 Prof. Dr. Alexandre Kudlinski
Lille University, France
Hollow core fibers for nonlinear microendoscopyZOOM presentation
12.07.2023 Prof. Dr. Harald Gießen
Stuttgart University, Germany
3D Printed Microoptics: Fundamentals and First Applications on-site event


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