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Nerve regeneration project


    Neurons in the central nervous system (CNS) show little regeneration of their axons following injury. The poor capacity for axon regrowth is due to various factors including the presence of glial scar, the occupancy of growth inhibiting factors at the debris and the decrease of regeneration potential with age. A damage in the CNS often has devastating effects which presents the reason why therapy approaches are desperately needed. Approximately one century ago it was found that electrical stimulation (ES) promotes and guides axon growth and most importantly restores neuronal functions. In the meantime significant effort on the field of conductive materials and implantable devices was made. In this project the application of these novel techniques to regenerate neurons is explored.



    Student research projects (MA thesis)

    • Investigation of the influence of extracellular matrix on axon regeneration
    • Characterization of cell function in microchannels consisting of different materials
    • Role of growth factors on axon regeneration


    Please get in touch with Lukas Matter (lukas.matter@imtek.de) for more information regarding the projects or to discuss possible thesis topics.



    • B. Harland, Z. Aqrawe, M. Vomero, C. Boehler, B. Raos, M. Asplund, S. J. O'Carroll and D. Svirskis. "Eletrical activity recorded from the spinal cord in freely moving rats using a subdural bioeletronic implant". doi: https://doi.org/10.1101/2021.08.21.457239


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