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Modeling and Design of Integrated Interface Circuits



Jonas David Rieseler received a PhD Scholarship from the Fritz-Hüttinger-Foundation for his research on compressed sensing.
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RiSC-initial funding for "high risk projects"

The Junior Professorship for Modeling and Design of Integrated Interface Circuits receives the Research Seed Capital (RiSC) for highly innovative signal processing in neural interfaces from the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts, Baden-Wuerttemberg (MWK).
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Neu an der Fakultät

Prof. Dr. Stefan Hiermaier, Inhaber der neuen Gips-Schüle-Professur für Nachhaltige Ingenieursysteme und Juniorprofessor Dr. Matthias Kuhl, Inhaber der Juniorprofessur für Modellierung und Entwurf Integrierter Schnittstellenschaltungen
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