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Dr. Susanna Früh

Group leader Immunoassays

VitaDr. S. Früh

Dr. Susanna Früh studied chemistry at RWTH Aachen University, Germany. In her bachelor thesis she worked on nanoparticle-biomolecule-hybrid systems at the Chair of Inorganic Chemistry and Electrochemistry of Prof. Ulrich Simon. During her subsequent master studies at RWTH Aachen University she focused on materials and mesoscopic systems as well as catalysis. For a short research project (2010) she stayed at the Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung in Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany and worked on high pressure synthesis for tailor-made fuels from biomass. In 2011, she finished her master studies with a thesis about cargo loading strategies for molecular shuttles at ETH Zürich, Switzerland in the Laboratory of Biologically Oriented Materials of Prof. Viola Vogel. In her doctoral thesis (2012) and postdoc (2015) in the Laboratory of Applied Mechanobiology of Prof. Viola Vogel (ETH Zürich. Switzerland), she developed bioconjugation strategies for proteins. She applied these protein conjugates for lab-on-a-chip applications as well as for structural elucidation using super-resolution microscopy techniques.

Since May 2016 she is group leader at Hahn-Schickard in the area of immunoassays. Her current research focuses on the development of highly integrated test strips for protein electrophoresis and immunoassays, as well as multi-omics assays.



List of publications


Further publications


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  • S. Früh, D. Steuerwald, U. Simon, V. Vogel. "Covalent Cargo Loading to Molecular Shuttles via Copper-free „Click Chemistry“”, 2012, Biomacromolecules, 13, 3908-3911.



  • S. Früh. „Molecular architecture of native fibronectin fibrils", 2015, Materials and Processes Graduate Symposium/Zürich
  • S. Früh: "Super-resolution imaging of fibronectin extracellular matrix" , 2014, American Society for
    Matrix Biology (ASMB) Biennal Meeting in Cleveland, USA
  • S. Früh:"Super-resolution imaging of fibronectin extracellular matrix", 2014, 3. Research Day des
    Departements Gesundheitswissenschaften und Technologie, ETH Zürich, Switzerland



  • S. Früh, P.R. Spycher, J. Ries, I. Schoen, V. Vogel. "Super-resolution microscopy imaging at the interface of cells and extracellular matrix", 2016, Biointerfaces International/Zürich
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