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Comment for newspaper article in Frankfurter Rundschau, 01.07.2021

Radio interview for SWR2 Impuls in SWR2, 01.07.2021

Comment for News in FOCUS Online, 30.06.2021

  • Einen neuen Konzept für einen Coronatest

Radio comment for Wissen Kompakt in B5 Aktuell, 29.06.2021

News on Imperial College London webpage, 12.04.2021

Newspaper article in Badische Zeitung, 05.01.2021



Article in Brunel Blog, 18.12.2020

Newspaper article in Der Standard, 14.08.2020

Highlighted News in Nature Biotechnology 38, 769-772, 08.07.2020

News in Sensor100 June eNewsletter, 08.07.2020

Video podcast by University of Freiburg, 09.06.2020

News in Sensor100 March eNewsletter, 08.04.2020

Article in Healthcare industry BW, BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg GmbH, 03.04.2020

News in HEALTH MADE IN GERMANY, 11.03.2020

Interview with Dr. Can Dincer in Diagnostics World News, 18.02.2020



News in Laborpraxis, 26.11.2019

Interview with Dr. Anayancy Osorio, Badische Zeitung, 26.10.2019

News on TV show "alles wissen" at hr-fernsehen, 29.08.2019

News in Sensor100 May eNewsletter, 12.06.2019

Newspaper article in Badische Zeitung, 06.02.2019



Contribution of Dr. Jochen Kieninger und Dr. Andreas Weltin in LABO, 7-8/2018



Newspaper article in Badische Zeitung, 23.09.2017

Television interview with Prof. Gerald Urban in SWR, 03.08.2017

News in Deutsches Ärzteblatt, 01.08.2017

Radio interview with Dr. Can Dincer, uniFM 88,4, 20.07.2017

News in APOTHEKE ADHOC newsletter, 20.07.2017

News in E-NNOVATION GERMANY newsletter, German Center for Research and Innovation, 29.06.2017

Article in Healthcare industry BW, BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg GmbH, 02.03.2017

Interview with Dr. Can Dincer, Badische Zeitung, 01.03.2017



Interview with Dr. Jochen Maurer, CHILLI FREIBURG, 21.12.2016

Radio interview with Dr. Can Dincer, Campus Report in Radio Regenbogen, 02.12.2016

Newspaper article in Frankfurter Rundschau, 28.11.2016

Newspaper article in Pharmazeutische Zeitung online, 28.11.2016

Interview with Dr. Can Dincer, NetDoktor.de, 17.11.2016

News in DRadio Wissen, 15.11.2016

News in ZM-Online, 12.10.2016

News in Unternehmen-heute.de, 7.10.2016

Newspaper article in Endo Tribune Swiss edition, 7.10.2016



Interview with Dr. Hanswilly Müller, BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg GmbH, 13.10.2014



Interview with Prof. Gerald Urban, www.futurezone.at, 17.09.2012



Interview with Dr. Hüseyin Bakirci, BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg GmbH, 12.12.2011

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