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Microfluidic and Biological Engineering (MiBioEng)

Highly-Integrated Microfluidic Technologies –  Biomolecular Interactions – Synthetic Biology

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Research Focus

Biomolecular interactions provide the basis for the maintenance of cell structures, growth, and the adaptation of a living organism to its environment. Metabolism is also controlled by a network of this kind. Scientists have already explained most of these processes in the cellular network by way of biochemical studies, but they have only been able to discover little about their dynamics and regulation. Our research thus focuses on the systems-biological observation of interaction networks and the changes they undergo in the course of cell growth. We develop and use highly scalable microfluidic platforms that aim to create new synergies for the analysis of biomolecular interactions through a combination of classical microsystems engineering and bioengineering. This work is concentrated on different biological systems.



For current reserach projects and group updates please visted our group website: www.mibioeng.com



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