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Angelina Müller, Dr.-Ing.

Angelina MüllerVita

Angelina Müller received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Microsystems Engineering from the University of Freiburg. In her master, she specialized in biomedical engineering, sensors and actuators. She received her PhD in Microsystems Engineering from the University of Freiburg in 2019. Her research focuses on the development of different micro-optical components and systems including the fabrication of aspherical micro-lenses and liquid crystal based devices.


Publications at IMTEK
Complete publication list (Google Scholar, verified)


E-Mail:   angelina.mueller@imtek.uni-freiburg.de
Phone:   +49 (0) 761 203-7579
Fax:   +49 (0) 761 203-7439
Office:   102 02 083


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